How To Get Clean Lines When Repainting Your Kitchen Walls

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How To Get Clean Lines When Repainting Your Kitchen Walls

16 December 2015
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Painting your kitchen walls is such a smart home remodel, especially if you do it yourself. Of course, it is an achievable kitchen remodel because it does not require any expensive tools or special training. However, there are a few tricks that you should learn to make your paint job look better. One of the most important parts of painting textured drywall is trying to paint straight lines along the edges, corners, ceiling and along the cabinet and appliances. This article suggests a helpful tip for taping off textured drywall. This technique will give you much cleaner lines with less seeping underneath the tape.

To master this technique you will want to use 2" (or wider) painter's tape. Apply the tape by strongly pushing it down with your fingers. Then, you can prepare to spread the spackling paste.

Using Lightweight Spackle Paste

The key to this technique is using lightweight spackle. The trick is to spread the spackling paste over the line of tape that you are going to paint. It is much easier to spread the spackle if you wear a basic latex glove. This protects you finger and helps keep the job clean. The key is to just swipe the spackle onto the tape line. Make sure you wipe away all of the excess spackle. You don't want to change the drywall texture around the tape line. By swiping the spackle on and off as thinly as possible, you are basically filling all the cracks underneath the tape line. This seals the tape and prevents any paint from seeping underneath.

When you paint over the tape line, you should still paint sparingly around the tape. You don't want to slop paint over the other side of the tape.

Pull the Tape Away and Admire the Results

You can then pull away the tape as soon as the line is painted. You don't need to wait for the paint to dry before pulling away the tape. When you paint without spackling paste, even the best painter's tape will not give your results these good. The small crevices and bumps on textured drywall makes it nearly impossible to get perfect tape application. In the end, you will not even be able to notice that spackle was used.

This little trick will obviously slow down the taping process, but you will certainly be proud of having cleaner lines in your kitchen.

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