4 Tips For Painting A Fiberglass Door

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4 Tips For Painting A Fiberglass Door

18 February 2016
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Fiberglass is an excellent material for an entry door, providing durability and a door that can withstand many different weather conditions. However, there may come a time when you want to upgrade the door to a new color. The following tips will help you paint your fiberglass door.

Consider Removing the Door Completely

The first thing you should think about when you are planning on painting a fiberglass entry door is to decide if you want to remove it or not. Leaving it up can be more convenient, but you also need to be careful not to paint the door frame if this isn't your intention. It may also limit you when it comes to allowing the door to dry, as you won't be able to open and close it freely. However, if you can remove it, it lets you paint it while laying flat, which reduces paint drips.

Clean the Door Thoroughly

Regardless of whether or not you are removing the door from its hinges, you need to get the door as clean as possible. Remove the fingerprints, oils, dirt, and debris from the door that are likely on the surface. Regular dish soap and warm water should be fine for cleaning the door. After cleaning it, dry it thoroughly. Look for signs of damage on the door, repairing any cracks or holes you find. You may also want to sand the door to smooth out the surface and make it easier to paint it.

Prime the Door Before Painting

After you have sanded the surface and brushed off the door, it is ready to paint. However, fiberglass exterior doors look much better when you use primer first. You want a single, thick coat of primer that is painted on with a paintbrush. The primer should take a few hours to dry before applying the first coat of paint. Primer also allows the paint to go on smoothly without excessive dripping or blotches.

Use a High-Quality Paint

Fiberglass also requires the highest quality paint you can afford. Make sure you use paint specifically meant for fiberglass surfaces, and not traditional paint for wood. If you can't find a paint can with fiberglass on the label, consult the home improvement store's paint department and ask about which paint is best to use. Allow the first coat to dry completely before painting the next coat. This allows you to see exactly how many coats will be needed.