Why Solid Floors Are Perfect For A Bathroom

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Why Solid Floors Are Perfect For A Bathroom

30 March 2016
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There are very few bathroom remodels that can revive the space like new hardwood floors. It is a great upgrade from linoleum, tile, or vinyl. Hardwood floors offer a unique style that can look modern or rustic. Of course, not all hardwood floors are the same. Many homeowners choose to invest in engineered floors, but this article will explain the advantages of choosing solid wood floors.

Engineered Wood Floor Construction

There are a few key differences between solid and engineered wood floors. Engineer floors are made out of thin layers of wood that are glued together. Usually, only the very top layer, the visible one, is made out of hardwood. The lower layers are made out of composite woods that are lightweight. All of the layers are glued together to create a flexible, light and affordable flooring option.

Solid Wood Floor Construction

As the name implies, solid hardwood floors are made out of one piece of wood. Raw wood is milled and shaped into the flooring planks. The end result is a flooring option that is a little bit heavier, but also more soundproof with better insulation. The very fact that solid floors are made out of 100% real wood, increases their quality and price tag.

Refinishing Your Bathroom Floor

There is a major advantage of solid floors when compared to engineered floors. This specifically applies to homeowners who plan on staying at their home for many years. With a solid hardwood floor you have the opportunity to refinish the surface several times. Refinishing hardwood floors requires that you first sand off the top layer of stain. As this layer is sanded off, so is the wood, reducing the overall thickness of the planks. But, this is not an issue if you have solid hardwood. It is however an issue if you have engineered wood floors. You cannot sand off the top layer of stain without also possibly sanding through the hardwood and exposing the composite layers below. You might be able to refinish engineered floor once, but it is a risky project to even start. With a solid hardwood floor, you can refinish the surface several times and change the look of the room while reinforcing the hardwood whenever you want a style change.

These are just some of the reasons why many long term homeowners choose to invest in solid hardwood floors. Both will look great in your bathroom, but solid floors will provide a little more quality and strength.