Tile Floors In A Nursery? 4 Reasons Why This Flooring Is Best For A Growing Child

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Tile Floors In A Nursery? 4 Reasons Why This Flooring Is Best For A Growing Child

22 June 2016
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If you're expecting a baby or are currently remodeling their nursery and they're still young, it's a good idea to look into what kind of flooring will be ideal for their bedroom. While carpeting and hardwood have several benefits, it's common to forget about how great tile floors can be when used in their nursery. If tile flooring in the bedroom seems strange, consider some of the following benefits tile flooring can come with.

Keeps the Bedroom Cool During Warmer Months

It can be nice to leave the windows open to allow in a breeze or simply bring in some sunlight, but it can lead to your hardwood flooring or carpeting feeling warm. Even with a fan running or the windows shut and the AC turned on, the bedroom can quickly become a room you don't want to spend time in, simply because it feels warm. Luckily, tile flooring can feel much cooler to the touch than other types of floors, helping to make the bedroom comfortable.

Easy to Keep Clean as Your Child Grows Up

When choosing flooring to have installed in your child's room, it's best to pick something that will continue to look great and be functional as the years go by. Since spills are likely going to be a regular occurrence when you have a young child, either due to craft supplies or drinks spilled, tile flooring can be a good choice since It can be mopped up quickly. With the minimal amount of maintenance required, as opposed to extensive cleaning for carpet or buffing out hardwood floor scratches, you can feel good about the ease of care for tile flooring.

Tile Comes in a Range of Colors, Sizes, and Patterns

Personalization is an important quality to most people when choosing flooring for their baby's room, making tile a good option. The amount of options for tile, ranging in colors, sizes of tiles, and the patterns on them can all help you create a unique look in the nursery. This can be so helpful when you want to create a nursery that ages well and reflects your child.

Able to Add Softness with an Easy to Clean Area Rug

If you're concerned with how hard tile flooring is compared to carpeting, you can still get a large area rug laid down. With a soft area rug laid down that has easy care as a priority, your child can be comfortably playing on the ground, while you still get the benefits of tile flooring. Before leaving the rug, make sure that you take care of adding traction through adding acrylic-latex caulking underneath. This extra action will help ensure that your child won't slip while walking over the rug due to bare texture of tile underneath.

As you prepare for picking out flooring to have installed in the nursery room of your baby, you need to consider which qualities are the most important. With the above benefits in mind, you should feel good about choosing a tile floor installation.