Whirlpool Tub Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Whirlpool Tub Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

30 June 2016
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Luxury has never been easier when you make the decision to remove your old fashioned tub and replace it with a whirlpool tub unit. You can choose from single or multiple jets that are installed behind the tub's walls. Different colors, shapes, and sizes make the choices much more difficult, but many can fit into the same space your old tub was located.

Size of the Tub

It is essential to measure the available space to ensure you don't purchase a tub that is too large. They look different when they are on a showroom floor, and standard sizes include sizes ranging from five to six feet.  If you enjoy candles and other items on the deck, you will also need extra space.  A minimum of half an inch should be left or figured for the deck if you choose that type of tub.    

Be mindful the size of the tub and the size of your home's doorways. If you end up with a tub that won't fit through your doorways at home, you will have to take it back.

Exploring Different Types of Tubs

You can also choose from a free standing or a drop in tub with the use of a deck.

UL Listed: You should be sure to purchase a tub that is UL approved and listed for safety. You will also want to search for one that has easy access for maintenance with the use of a front apron.

Hydromassage: A hydromassage whirlpool tub uses a pump to deliver recirculated water out of jets in the side of the tub's walls.

Therapeutic Air Massage: An air massage or as it is sometimes called an air bath has small holes to release bubbles on the sides and bottom of the tub.

The Combination of Features: You can also select a combination of air bubbles and massaging jets in the same system. What about purchasing a whirlpool that will heat the water so you can enjoy a nice long soak? No more will you need to sit in a cold luxurious bath.

Plumber and Electrician are Needed

You will need a plumber to get the whirlpool ready with all of the necessary pipes. You will also need an electrician to be sure you have a safe outlet nearby that can handle the additional voltage of the whirlpool bath. You might need to consider the flooring under the tub to be sure your current floor is strong enough to sustain the weight of a whirlpool tub.

Now, you have the basis to decide which tub will best suit you and your family. You will have a place to go to enjoy after a long or stressful day without leaving the comfort of your home. Contact a local outlet or showroom, such as Christophers Bath and Kitchens, for further assistance.