3 Ideas To Remodel Your Master Bedroom And Bath For More Space And A Modern Design

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3 Ideas To Remodel Your Master Bedroom And Bath For More Space And A Modern Design

30 September 2016
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The master bath and bedroom in your older home may be too small for modern design standards. You may want to get more out of the design of your home with a master bathroom that has a modern look. Some remodeling might be necessary to get the space associated with modern decor. When you are doing the remodeling, you may want to consider changes like taking space from an adjacent room or closet. You can also do other improvements like a bump out addition to add the space you need. Here are some ideas to give your master bedroom and bathroom a modern design:

1. Taking Space from an Existing Room to Add to the Master Bedroom

There may be some adjacent rooms that can be used to add space to the master suite. If the wall is not load bearing, then the space can be taken from these areas by moving the wall. If it is a load-bearing wall, sometimes beams can even be used to change the design. If there is a room that you can do without, you may want to consider changing the floor plan completely to add space to your bedroom.

2. Taking Space from a Nearby Closet For Your Bathroom Remodel

Using a closet is a similar idea to taking space from the area of an adjacent room. This method is often quite simple because closets are usually located next to the bathroom. There is usually just a small wall that can be removed. If the closet is spacious enough, you may be able to add some of that space to your bathroom without affecting the closet much. 

3. Making a Bump Out Addition for Extra Space in Your Master Bath and Bedroom

If you cannot spare the space from adjacent rooms or closets to make your master suite larger, you may want to consider bumping out a wall to add to your master bedroom. A bump out addition is just a small addition to the floor to give your more space. This can be a good option to add features like garden tubs or a bay window in the master bedroom.

These are some ideas that can help you get more space when you remodel your master bedroom and bathroom. If you are ready to give your private space a more modern design, contact a remodeling contractor and talk with them about some of these ideas.