Preparing to Have Your First Roommate? 3 Ways to Make a Shared Bathroom Work

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Preparing to Have Your First Roommate? 3 Ways to Make a Shared Bathroom Work

4 October 2016
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Having your first roommate in a home that you own can come with a lot of changes that you may not be well-prepared for ahead of time. If you're eager to make having your first roommate an enjoyable experience, it's a good idea for you to consider whether your current bathroom will be well suited for the addition of another person. If your home has only a single bathroom, it's a smart idea to invest in bathroom remodeling.

The following projects can all help make the bathroom better suited for the addition of a roommate.

Keep the Bathroom Neutral at First

While your bedroom, living area, and other spaces may reflect your own personal style, the bathroom should be decorated tastefully so that your roommate will feel comfortable using it. There's always the chance that the bathroom will not be the style your potential roommate likes, leading to them being uninterested in the apartment or home as a whole.

Keeping the bathroom neutral simply means choosing towels, a shower curtain, and other accessories that are fairly neutral and won't feel unwelcoming to a potential new roommate.

Prioritize Ample Storage

The most important thing to include in any shared bathroom, with family or with a roommate, is storage. Ample storage space can include everything from shelving to cabinets under the sink. Having additional storage can make a big difference in how organized the bathroom looks and how easily you're able to have access to everything without it feeling cluttered. Leaving some of the storage empty for your roommate to use will also make the space more inviting and easy to keep organized for both you and your roommate.

Consider Having Locked Storage

While having storage should be a priority, you also need to look into the benefits of locked storage. Many people will feel uncomfortable leaving items such as expensive cosmetics or medications near their roommate, making locked storage a smart option. Keyed locks for cabinets or drawers under the sink can help ensure that there is storage that's easy to use and keep secure.

Preparing your home for the introduction of a new roommate can be scary when you've never shared your home before, but it can also come with significant savings in your rent and other utilities. If you want to have the best experience with a roommate and you have a shared bathroom, consider how remodeling can help and the various projects that will help out considerably.