3 Kinds Of Films For Your Windows

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3 Kinds Of Films For Your Windows

2 November 2016
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There are all kinds of films that you can put on your windows in order to make them even more useful for your daily life. 

Security Films

One kind of film that you can apply or have applied to the windows in your house is a security film. This film helps to make the window glass shatter resistant. Shatter resistant doesn't mean shatter proof. Shatter resistant just means that it will be harder for the glass to break. There are all kinds of reasons to get a security film like this. One is if you have kids. It's really easy for kids to accidentally break a window when they are outside playing. A ball or a rock that hits the window can leave you with a broken window that you are going to have to replace. A film like this will also help to make it harder for someone to break the glass to break into your house. If your house has multiple floors, you could just put the film on all the windows on the lower floor to make it harder for anyone to break in using those windows. 

UV Blocking Film

Ultraviolet rays are the same rays that can cause you to get a tan. It also can cause the colors of your carpets, furniture, and drapes to fade out. Putting a film over the windows that get the most sunlight helps to block those UV rays and helps to prolong the life of your furnishings. 

Decorative Film

There are various kinds of films that you can use to decorate your windows. You can get a film that you can apply that will make it look like your windows are stained glass windows. You may love the way that stained glass windows look, but not have the money to pay the cost that a stained glass window costs, especially if the window is a larger window. A film that can be applied directly to your window can give you a window that looks like it's made out of stained glass but is much less expensive. Another kind of decorative film that you can choose to use is one that looks like etched glass. Etched glass can look very beautiful, but it can be difficult to etch your window after it has been installed. A film is much easier and can give the same look. 

Your windows can be more than just plain glass in your walls.