3 Signs It Might Be Time for New Windows

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3 Signs It Might Be Time for New Windows

3 November 2016
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With all of the things in a home that require periodic upgrades, it is hard to remember that windows also have a distinct lifespan. Harder still can be determining the signs that a window is ready for replacement. If you would like to learn more about identifying the clues that it might be time for one or more new windows, read on. This article will familiarize you with three incontrovertible signs.

Excessive Condensation

It's natural for a window to accumulate a little bit of moisture now and then in winter. But when the inside of your window is consistently wet, something much more serious is going on. This problem generally means that you have some serious air leaks on your hands—leaks that are letting cold drafts inside. These drafts are then causing moisture in the air of your home to condense on the window.

The problem here is that, if this issue has been going on long enough, chances are it has already caused some serious damage to your window. In other words, that moisture has likely led to rot, mold growth, degraded window seals, or any combination. The best course of action is to upgrade to a window you can be sure is presenting an impermeable barrier to the world outside.

Cracked Frame

Cracked window panes may be a pain in the rear to deal with, but doing so is theoretically a fairly simple process. Better yet, you can spare yourself the trouble by hiring a professional glazier to take care of it without having to remove or replace the entire window. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of a cracked window frame. This serious problem will generally require that a new window be installed.

You see, such cracks are often the result of moisture seeping into the frame from the outside. When temperatures drop below freezing, this moisture expands, thus forcing the wood apart. Such damage is difficult to treat entirely, meaning that cracks that have been sealed often reappear again down the line. Save yourself the trouble—and the drafts—by taking this opportunity to invest in some upgraded windows instead. 

Window Won't Stay Up

The whole idea of a window is that it is not only supposed to let light into your home but also let fresh air in when the weather outside is nice. Unfortunately, many people with older homes have windows that simply refuse to budge. Others have the opposite problem—windows that won't seem to stay up, no matter what they do.

This frustrating problem is usually caused by a sash cord that has been broken or otherwise detached from its corresponding sash weight. This means that now that weight is now sitting uselessly at the bottom of the window frame. Reattaching the weight to a new sash, while hypothetically possible, can be a frustrating process, as it involves dismantling the window to gain access to the weight. Rather than going through that trouble, many people take this as a sign that it's high time they invested in a new set of windows.

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