Take These Four Factors into Consideration When Having Custom Cabinets Built for Your Tiny Home

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Take These Four Factors into Consideration When Having Custom Cabinets Built for Your Tiny Home

3 November 2016
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A tiny home allows you to become financially independent in less time because they are so affordable. When you are having a tiny home created, it is important to remember that all of the elements within the tiny home will be on a much smaller scale than they are in a larger home, and thus you need to plan accordingly. The cabinets in the home will need to be custom made to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your tiny home. The guide that follows walks you through a few things to consider when having your custom cabinets made.

Consider the Depth of the Cabinets

The first thing you need to consider is the depth of the cabinets. You want to be sure that they are deep enough for you to be able to store things in them with ease but not so deep that they get in your way when you want to move around within the home. Take measurements to ensure that you are able to have the cabinets made to the exact dimensions that will best suit your home.

Consider the Security the Cabinets Offer

Determine how you want to have the cabinets secure when your home is being moved. Cabinets cannot simply be closed during a move because everything will fall out of them during a turn or when going around a curve. There are many options available including hooks, clasps, and even locking mechanisms that can be attached to the cabinets to make them secure.

Consider the Positioning of the Cabinets

Consider how you want to have the cabinets positioned in the home. Some people choose to have the cabinets positioned so that they can be used as steps to lead up to a loft area of a home or positioned in such a way that they can serve as an entertainment center around a television. Consider the space in your tiny home and how the cabinets can be best positioned to suit your needs.

Consider the Maneuverability of the Cabinets

Finally, consider whether you want to be able to move your cabinets or if you want them to be stationary. There are some people who like to be able to move their cabinets around in the tiny home because they can then be used as tables within the home when guests come over to visit. Rolling casters can be added to the bottoms of the cabinets to make them easy to move.

When you meet with the cabinet maker such as Encore Cabinets & Design, you need to let him or her know what you are envisioning. Be willing to listen to any suggestions that they may offer because they may be able to provide you with new ideas that you did not even know were an option for your tiny home.