Five Tips For Making Your Bathroom Remodel More Eco-Friendly

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Five Tips For Making Your Bathroom Remodel More Eco-Friendly

4 November 2016
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Everyone wants to help the environment. If you're about to remodel your bathroom, you may want to consider the purchase of some eco-friendly appliances. For bathrooms, eco-friendly appliances will generally be those that reduce the amount of water used in your home.

Install a Smaller Bathtub

The smaller and more shallow a bathtub is, the less water it takes to fill. There are many bathtubs that are designed to still provide for comfortable bathing while not requiring a lot of water to fill. Baths tend to use significantly more water than a shower, which makes a smaller bathtub far more eco-friendly.

Get a High Pressure Shower Head

A high pressure shower head is able to utilize less water while providing a more comfortable shower. These shower heads are constructed to distribute water over a larger area, even though the flow of the water may be fairly low.

Consider Installing LED Lights

Both LED and CFL lights are excellent options for a bathroom remodel. Incandescent lights can waste a significant amount of energy compared to either LEDs or CFLs. LEDs also have another advantage: they can be easily integrated into a smart house system. Smart houses can turn lights on and off as desired and can even put lights on a timer so that they're automatically turned off late at night.

Invest In a Variable Flow Toilet

A variable flow toilet has two different types of flushing mechanism. One flushing mechanism has a low water line whereas the other flushing mechanism has a high water line. The ability to control the efficiency of the toilet greatly reduces the amount of water that's wasted. Toilets, especially in America, often contain far more water than they really need to. 

Purchase a Water Saver Faucet

Water saver faucets are very unique and innovative new inventions. A water saver faucet is usually designed to mix air into the water, thereby making it easier to wash your hands without using large volumes of liquid. Many of these water saver faucets can also increase pressure, making them solid choices for houses that may have water pressure issues. 

Making your bathroom remodel more eco-friendly doesn't just protect the environment -- it also makes your home more desirable and lowers your utility bills. Many homebuyers are now looking for eco-friendly properties to purchase and water bills can add up. A home renovation company can offer many solutions for improving upon the environmental impact of your next remodel. Contact a company like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath to learn more.