Provide Your Evening Pool Party With A Festive And Alluring Appearance

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Provide Your Evening Pool Party With A Festive And Alluring Appearance

8 November 2016
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If you are going to be throwing an evening pool party in your backyard in the near future for you and your close friends to enjoy, the following decoration tips can be used to provide the outdoor area with a festive and alluring appearance.

Freshly-Painted Gates And A String Of Bulbs

Clean the gates that lead to the pool with a stiff-bristled scrub brush and a cleaning agent that is designed for the material that the enclosure is made out of. Remove the cleaning agent from the gates with a water hose. Once the surface of each gate is dry, use pieces of painter's tape to cover trim on the gates that you do not wish to cover with paint. Line the ground with a couple of drop cloths.

Apply an even coat of spray paint to the pool gates. Once the paint dries, add a second coat of paint if you would like to deepen the color of the gates or if there are any parts that aren't covered sufficiently. Drape a string of colorful bulbs across the top of the gates so that your guests are greeted with attractive lighting.

Floating Lights Made With Balloons And Light Sticks

Blow up balloons that are a variety of colors. Before tying each balloon, insert an activated light stick inside of it. Secure strips of waterproof tape to the bottom of each balloon before placing the balloons inside of bowls that are buoyant. Place the balloon decorations in various parts of the pool, right before the party is about to begin. The homemade lighting will provide the party with an attractive aura and will provide the guests with plenty of visibility.

Dining Area And Tiki Torches

Set up a dining area next to the pool that consists of several patio tables and chairs. Cover each table with a cloth that contains colors and a pattern that match the rest of the outdoor area. Place tiki torches around the dining area by inserting the sharp edge of each torch into the soil.

Once each torch is secure, you can safely light the top of each of them. You and your guests can enjoy eating a meal or spending time talking to each other without anyone's vision being compromised. The lights will also provide each person with a clear vantage point, which will allow guests to be able to focus on what others are doing while they are relaxing in the dining area.