3 Kitchen Cabinet Updates That Won't Use Up Your Entire Remodeling Budget

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3 Kitchen Cabinet Updates That Won't Use Up Your Entire Remodeling Budget

9 November 2016
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Your kitchen is a popular place for entertaining and dining, but it also plays a large role in your home's appeal and total value. During a kitchen remodel, many homeowners will spend an estimated 30 percent of their total budget on cabinets to ensure a higher return on their investment. However, updating your kitchen cabinets does not have to become an overwhelming expense. With this guide, you can update your cabinets without spending a large portion of your remodeling budget.


In many cases, you may only have to replace the outdated hardware on your cabinets with more up-to-date styles to update your kitchen. 

Consider oil-rubbed bronze knobs and cupped pulls for a traditional look for the cabinet doors and drawers. If you prefer a more modern design, opt for a stainless or glass finish.

Door Style

Replacing your entire cabinets is a large and costly task, but you can replace your cabinet doors with a new style. Replacing the door with a new style will completely update your space.

To change up your traditional cabinetry, choose a door look that offers a modern, streamlined design. Replacing one or more wood cabinet doors with glass-front options will add enormous appeal to your kitchen without a great deal of effort.

Lastly, instead of replacing the doors, consider refinishing them. Cabinets can be left in their natural state or stained in a variety of colors and wood tones. In addition, distressing, crackling, and glazing are becoming popular options that will give your cabinets an entirely new look, with only a bit of paint and some elbow grease.


While it may be surprising to hear, you can update your cabinet with different accessories that will make your kitchen more functional and organized. In addition, these inexpensive updates will make your kitchen more appealing and valuable.

To increase your storage space, make sure your drawers have extensions. This will allow you to open the entire drawer, increasing the drawer space for your kitchen utensils, gadgets, and supplies.

Built-in drawer dividers, compartments, and racks are also great accessories to consider for your kitchen cabinets. These accessories will increase the value of your home by ensuring that your kitchen remains organized and functional.

Updating your kitchen cabinets during a remodel does not have to be an expensive, time-consuming, or invasive project. With these simple options, you can update your cabinets without utilizing your entire remodeling budget.