The Benefits Of Walk-In Bathtubs

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The Benefits Of Walk-In Bathtubs

9 December 2016
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Bathing, as you get older, gets more complicated. You need grab bars just to get in and out of the tub or shower. If you sit in the tub, then you need bars to help you push up into a standing position. You can do away with all of that with a bathtub remodel. Try a walk-in tub, which has become very popular with senior citizens and the elderly. Here are the benefits of walk-in bathtubs, in case you are not sure you want one.

Step In, Step Out

This is the second-best feature about this kind of tub. It is akin to opening a garden gate and walking through, closing the gate behind you--same exact principle. You step in, close and lock the door (which activates the sealing gasket and prevents leaks), and turn the water on. You can add bubble bath or just relax in the jets. When your bath is done, the water is quickly sucked out the drain so that you can step out of the tub to dry off.

The Jacuzzi Jets

This is, by far, the best reason and benefit of a walk-in tub. The jacuzzi jets double as hot tub jets for relaxing sore, stiff joints and painful muscles and as a means of making your bath time more fun. You can activate the jets with a flip of a button (once the water reaches a certain height in the tub). Some of the high-end walk-in tubs even have switches to control which jets you want activated. This allows you to treat your legs, knees, hips, feet, and even your back to an individualized, customized water massage.

Walk-in Tubs Give You More Space to Install Something Else

During your bathtub remodel, you may be surprised to learn that your walk-in tub takes up less horizontal room than your old tub. It does require more vertical room, since you sit on an elevated bench seat to bathe rather than sit all the way to the floor. However, this feature lends itself well to providing you with more space to construct a separate shower stall or a cabinet for bath towels and bath products. 

You Never Have to Clean a Walk-in Tub

People are often surprised to learn that one of the other benefits to a walk-in tub is that they are self-cleaning. You never have to clean them by hand, and you will never have to get on your hands and knees with a scour pad. You simply lock the door, hit "clean mode" and toss in an effervescent cleaning tablet. Twenty minutes later the tub is clean.

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