Why You Should Not Wait When The Time Arrives To Get A Gutter Replacement

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Why You Should Not Wait When The Time Arrives To Get A Gutter Replacement

10 July 2018
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As a homeowner, you probably spend a good deal of time worrying about maintenance around the house, including the roof. That said, it's not uncommon for some homeowners to view their gutter system as less important than other features on the house. But falling into this trap could have significant consequences. If you are clearly in need of a gutter replacement, here are a number of reasons why you should move to get it installed sooner rather than later.

A Bad Gutter Could Ruin Your Foundation

The entire point of the gutter system is to serve as an outlet for rainwater to drain off of your roof in a fashion that won't cause any damage on its way down. If your gutter is missing and/or broken, you risk having water come off the edge of the roof and landing right along the side of your house. Over time, this will cause significant erosion along your house's foundation. If the problem persists, you will soon be dealing with a basement leak or even flooding if a strong storm comes along and kicks its way through the already partially opened door.

A Bad Gutter Could Causes Issues With Your Siding

Your foundation will be affected if water does not drain properly, but this water could also be harming something else on its way to the ground. Depending on how it falls off the roof, it's possible water could slowly start to dribble down your house's siding. Depending on what kind of siding you have, this could end up causing significant corrosion, rust issues, or other water damage over time. What started out as just needing a new gutter could suddenly escalate to needing new siding as well.

A Bad Gutter Could Damage Your Yard or Garden

If your yard has a natural slope to it, the falling water from a broken gutter might harm more than just the house's foundation as it hits the ground. All of that water coming down might start causing chaos at the house's foundation, but then it could also work its way down the slope, causing erosion in your yard along the way. If you have a garden planted close to your house, this could prove disastrous for whatever you have planted there as well.

A gutter problem should be fixed just as quickly as you would fix a major problem with your roofing tile. If you need assistance, contact a gutter replacement company like Unique Home Solutions today.