What To Know About Getting A Layover Roof

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What To Know About Getting A Layover Roof

17 May 2021
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Do you need roof replacement for your home? Are you considering adding a new layer of shingles on top of your old roof? This is known as a layover roof, and there are a few things to know about this method to replace the roof on your home.

You May Not Have A Valid Warranty

One thing to keep in mind about layover roofs is that you may not get the same type of warranty that you would get by having the old roof torn off and replaced. This is because the roofing contractors are only installing a roof on top of work that a previous roofer did. All that old roofing material is still there, and problems that are not fixed with the roof could impact the new roof. If a warranty is a concern, you'll need to have a tear-off roof installation.

You Will Save Money Right Away

If the roof is generally in good condition and it is just the shingles that are deteriorating, a layover roof can be a great way to save money. You won't be paying for the additional labor involved to tear off the old shingles as well as the disposal of the old roofing material. It can definitely help you save some money on your roof if you are on a budget and need to have a new roof installed.

Once that second layer of roofing material is installed, know that you won't be able to add a third layer of roofing material later on. All future roof replacement jobs will require removing and disposing of both layers of the roofing material. You will save money in the moment, but it does cause increased labor and disposal costs for the next roof replacement sometime in the future.

You Will Add Height And Weight To The Roof

The additional layer of roofing material is definitely going to add some height and weight to your roof. This may not be a problem where you live depending on what the building codes allow, but your roofing contractor will figure that all out for you. As long as the roof deck is still in good condition, the additional height and weight shouldn't be a problem.

You May Have Shingles That Don't Support A Layover Roof

A layover roof is not always an option for some homes. The roof does need to be completely flat, which means you cannot install a layover roof on top of architectural shingles. Make sure that you have the right kind of shingles that can accommodate a layover roof before you consider it as an option.

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