Clearing Up These Misconceptions Will Help You Choose New Cabinets

Are you planning to remodel part of your kitchen? Learn more about why hiring a remodeling contractor would streamline the process.

Clearing Up These Misconceptions Will Help You Choose New Cabinets

4 June 2021
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Choosing new kitchen cabinets is not easy! There are so many options, not just in terms of shape and layout, but also in terms of finishes. If you want to be able to pick the best kitchen cabinets for your home, there are a few misconceptions you ought to have cleared up first.

Misconception: Refacing the cabinets is always more affordable.

Rather than replacing the cabinet boxes and the cabinet doors, some people choose to have the boxes left in place and just have the door faces replaced. This process is known as cabinet refacing. You might assume that it's more affordable than buying whole new cabinets. And sometimes it is—but not always. Refacing cabinets is a lot of work for the cabinet maker. They have to get very precise measurements of your cabinets, and they may have to make doors to measurements that their equipment is not set up to accommodate. Before you settle on refacing your cabinets, get a quote for a full replacement as well so you can compare the costs accurately.

Misconception: Natural finish or stained cabinets are cheaper.

It might seem like stained or natural finish cabinets would be cheaper since these finishes are less elaborate. But actually, painted cabinets tend to be the most affordable. This is because the cabinet maker does not need to spend nearly as much time sanding and finishing the cabinet surfaces if they'll be painted as opposed to stained. Painted cabinets take less time, so they tend to cost less.

Misconception: You can just have unfinished cabinets installed and then finish them yourself.

You can buy unfinished cabinets at some home improvement stores. But if you go this route, you need to have the cabinets finished before they are installed. Finishing them properly when they are already on the wall is next to impossible. You can't sand every corner, and you would have to contort your body in strange ways to reach various areas. 

If you do choose to buy unfinished cabinets, consider hiring a contractor to both finish and install them. This simplifies the process and ensures everything is done right, which is important with something as costly as new cabinets.

With these misconceptions cleared up, you should now be prepared to more effectively shop for new cabinets. Don't be afraid to ask a cabinetry professional for advice! They tend to have a wealth of knowledge, ready to share.