Some Advantages Of Choosing A Shower During Your Bathroom Remodel

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Some Advantages Of Choosing A Shower During Your Bathroom Remodel

22 October 2021
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If you are going to be remodeling your bathroom, and you are in the midst of trying to decide between having a bathtub or a shower in the bathroom, then you should consider the information in the following article. Here are some of the things that may make a shower the better choice for your bathroom: 

A shower can give you more space 

If you have a very small bathroom, then you can put in a small shower to create more space. Another thing you can do is to go with glass walls and a glass door in order to give the illusion of the bathroom having more space. 

A shower uses less water than a bathtub uses

It takes more water to fill up a bathtub enough in order to take a comfortable bath than it does to take a normal length shower.

A shower can help with resale value

Another benefit of choosing to install a shower over a bathtub is showers tend to be preferred by buyers. This helps increase the resale value, especially if the shower is new and following current shower trends. 

A shower can add to the overall design and flow of the bathroom

While your choices of bathtubs may be a bit limited, there are so many ways you can go with a shower's design. This makes showers great when you want to design a cohesive space. You can keep the shower simple if that's what you are going for, or you can make it elaborate and full of stunning features. 

A shower offers more convenience

When you need to get ready for the day, you want to get yourself clean and move on with the day. Spending time waiting for the bath to fill and then needing to add more water if the temperature isn't right isn't fast or convenient. However, you can jump right in a shower, and it can be faster to get clean in the shower than it is when you are taking a bath. 

A shower can be the safest option for some household members

Some people are at a greater risk of having an accident when getting in and out of the bathtub. Also, some people can't get in and out of the bathtub on their own due to physical limitations. Installing a shower in situations such as these helps to decrease the chances of a household member being injured, or allows them to care for their own showering needs unassisted in some cases. 

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