Cabinetry Design Guide For Cabinet Remodeling And Kitchen Transformations

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Cabinetry Design Guide For Cabinet Remodeling And Kitchen Transformations

15 November 2021
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Cabinet design ideas are everywhere, but if you are remodeling your kitchen or moving into a new home, you probably want to stick to tried and true designs. There are many cool cabinet designs that are sure to stand the test of time, but there are also some you might want to avoid. Here is a list of great cabinet design ideas for kitchens.

General Cabinetry Designs

Cabinetry design can make or break your kitchen. The cabinets need to be well organized, functional, and beautiful. The cabinets themselves can even make your room look bigger or smaller, depending on how they are designed. General cabinet design options include:

  • Rustic Chic—Rustic designs are often warm and cozy, but they can also be chic. Cohesive rustic chic cabinet designs can help you create a warm but elegant look for your kitchen.
  • Traditional Design—Traditional cabinetry includes things like shaker-style doors but it can also have modern touches, such as painted finishes and elegant metal hardware.
  • Contemporary Style—If you are making over your home with a modern style, a contemporary cabinet style is a great option. These cabinetry designs have straight lines and minimal interruptions to create a clean, modern look for your kitchen design.

In addition to the basic cabinet styles, other options for details and features can be combined for a unique design. These can include lighting in the cabinets, hardware, and features like glass doors.

The Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes can make or break a room, and it is important to know exactly what you like and what will look good with your existing finishes and features in your kitchen. Cabinet finish options for your kitchen include:

  • Composites—The use of composites is one of the newest options for kitchen cabinets. These are materials that are made of a combination of recycled plastics, wood, and other components. They are available in a variety of different colors and styles.
  • Painted—Another option for your cabinet finish is paint. Painted cabinetry finishes are a big trend in kitchen design and offer many benefits. The main benefit is the choice of cabinet colors and the ability to change the look of your kitchen cabinets whenever you want.
  • Wood Veneers—Wood is the traditional kitchen cabinet finish, but most wood cabinet finishes are actually veneers today. These wood veneers give you many choices for the type of wood, stains, and appearance of your new cabinet design.

While there are various options for the cabinet finishes, you still want to make sure to choose the right colors and shades. Choose color shades for these finishes that match other existing features in your kitchen design.

If you are ready to add new cabinets to your kitchen, contact a company that sells kitchen cabinets to start designing the new cabinetry to complete the renovations.