Make Your Bathroom Easier To Maintain With Several Improvements

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Make Your Bathroom Easier To Maintain With Several Improvements

9 December 2021
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Maintaining a bathroom requires routine cleaning and the occasional replacement or repair. Investing in high-quality features and taking care of them will minimize the chance of sudden problems. However, you will need to invest time and effort into cleaning the bathroom often. A great way to handle this situation is to make upkeep easier with bathroom remodeling services.

Frameless Shower Door

Get rid of a framed shower door to enjoy instant relief with upkeep and cleaning. Keeping a shower track clean is such a difficult task because water can easily get stuck inside. Going with a frameless shower door eliminates all the metal, which will reduce the cleaning needs.

Mildew will not have an easy time forming on glass compared to metal. This will further improve the upkeep and even the possibility that mildew problems begin in the first place.

Linear Drain

Growing accustomed to using a typical shower drain does not mean that you should stick with it in your home. You can swap over to a linear drain to give water a better place to flow through. All you must do is remove the top grate to clean out the inside without issue. You will also get better drainage because hair and soap scum buildup can often cause major blockages.

Large Format Tile

Hard flooring in the bathroom works well because water spills regularly. Even if you have tile in the room, you may want to change the current design for longevity and visuals. Consider going with a large format tile because it will reduce how much grout must be used during installation.

Another important point about grout is that it must be cleaned to maintain a spotless look. This is where large format tiles also shine because they require less grout compared to small format tiles. You will notice an instant decrease in the time that it takes to clean with this switch.

High-Tech Features

Invest in several high-tech features to make your bathroom easier to clean and maintain. Switch over to a smart toilet with a self-cleaning feature. This will either reduce or eliminate how much time you must put into cleaning the bathroom.

Another clever remodeling plan to get is a touchless faucet for the bathroom sink. Keeping your wet and soapy hands off the vanity top and on the countertop will reduce upkeep slightly.

Improve maintenance for your bathroom by investing in these kinds of remodeling projects. To learn more, contact a bathroom remodeling company.