Signs You Need To Call A Roofer This Spring

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Signs You Need To Call A Roofer This Spring

24 March 2022
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As temperatures rise and spring rolls in, it's smart to take a look at your roof. If there are missing or lifted shingles, then you know you need to call a roofing company. But you should also call your roofer if you notice any of these other common springtime roof maladies.

Moss Growth

Moss, unlike most other plants, does not need to grow deep roots in order to thrive. A layer of shingles is enough to support moss. Once moss gets its roots into your shingles, removing it is not that easy. But if you leave it there, the moss will continue to erode your roof structure, eventually leading to leaks.

Don't try to remove moss yourself, as you may accidentally cause more roof damage in the process. For instance, if you try to remove it with a power washer, you may also remove the shingle granules, which will make your shingles less protective. Instead, have a roofer come remove the moss. They have specialized herbicides that will kill the moss and allow it to be removed more easily. They can also replace any shingles that may be more seriously damaged by the moss.

Drips in the Attic

You might look at the ceiling on your top floor, see that it is dry, and assume you don't have any roof leaks. But tiny leaks may not penetrate your ceilings. They may only cause little drops of moisture in your attic. So, in order to fully assess for roof leaks, you need to go up into your attic. Look along the rafters, and also feel the insulation with your hands. If there is any moisture whatsoever, you have a little leak that a roofer needs to address before the next storm.

Missing Granules

When you look across the roof, do you see areas where the shingles look flat and shiny? These are probably spots where the shingles have lost their granules. This can happen due to freeze-thaw cycles in the winter, or because of branches scraping against the roof while it's frozen. Without granules, those shingles will soon fail. This is not a roofing emergency, but it is a problem to have your roofer address in the next few months.

Spring is a great season to check up on your roof and see how it is doing. Look for missing granules, little leaks, and any moss that may need to be removed.

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