Debunking Myths About Marble Countertops

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Debunking Myths About Marble Countertops

18 July 2022
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The popularity of marble goes back to the times of ancient Greece when it was used in public buildings and sculptures. Marble continues to charm people with its beauty and functionality. One of the modern applications of marble is for kitchen countertops. Here are some myths regarding marble countertops.

Marble Is Merely Decorative

Marble isn't merely decorative. It is a hard stone, which is why it is used for many things apart from kitchen countertops. For example, marble works well as wall tiles, bathroom vanity tops, and flooring. Many people also use it as a pastry table because of its cool temperature. The fine grains and smooth surface of marble make it suited for any part of your home. Therefore, marble is loved for more than its attractive looks but also its strength, versatility, and durability.

Marble Is Expensive

The cost of a stone varies depending on factors like demand and availability. For example, Calacatta marble is a luxury stone that is expensive because of its demand and unique qualities. Calacatta is bright white and has dark veins. On the other hand, Carrara marble is similar to Calacatta but comes at a lower price. This stone has light and fine veins, giving it a grayer cast. Since it is more porous than Calacatta marble, this stone demands more maintenance.

Marble Requires Regular Sealing

Natural stone countertops need to be sealed when they are installed. They should also be resealed annually after installation. The frequency of resealing varies depending on the stone in question. Talk to your supplier to determine how often you should seal your marble countertops.

Expensive single-application sealants protect you against staining for a longer duration than cheap ones that need to be applied repeatedly. Cleaning your marble countertops regularly, plus using potholders and trivets, can prolong the lifetime of your countertop. It isn't advisable to seal marble frequently as this can lead to the development of a white haze, which is difficult to remove.

Marble Attracts Bacteria

Porous material provides ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. However, marble has antibacterial properties. These are deterrents to bacteria. For additional protection, you should use an antibacterial cleaner. Make sure you ask your supplier to recommend some best cleaners to prevent bacteria from attacking your marble countertops.

When choosing the material for your kitchen countertops, marble is guaranteed not to disappoint you. It comes in various colors and styles, enabling you to choose the best choice for your kitchen. Research adequately and consult interior designers to ensure you choose the right marble countertops.

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