Custom Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Unique Designs You Should Consider

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Unique Designs You Should Consider

12 January 2023
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Setting up an ideal, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is the dream of many homeowners. An important part to consider when designing a kitchen is the cabinets. They provide both storage and aesthetic points. Depending on your preference and budget, there are various options available when choosing the right kitchen cabinet design. A kitchen remodeling contractor can help you customize the space to match your style and personality. Here are four unique custom kitchen cabinet designs you should consider: 

Frameless Cabinets

A frameless cabinet design is a modern, streamlined look with no frames or visible face frames. The hinges and hardware are also recessed for a neat, sleek look. They come in various sizes and shapes to match the overall style of your kitchen. You can match the cabinet fronts and countertops to create a seamless, contemporary look. Also, frameless cabinets provide more storage space due to their flush design.

Slab-Style Cabinets

These cabinets feature a modern, minimalist design with clean lines. They come in various styles and materials, from stainless steel to wood. The lack of ornamentation gives the cabinets a sleek and contemporary look. The straight edges and flat surfaces allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, making these ideal options for busy households. You complement the design with a simple backsplash and contemporary hardware. Consult your kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more about slab-style cabinets.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

The classic style adds timeless sophistication to any kitchen. The minimalist design is characterized by a square frame and recessed panel, with the doors and drawers designed in this manner. You can customize its style and color to reflect your personality. The cabinets are also known for their durability, making them a great investment piece. Consider pairing them with a classic countertop and hardware for an elegant, timeless look.

Inset Cabinets

These cabinets feature a flush-mounted design that gives a neat and polished look. The doors are fitted into the frame and recessed, allowing for maximum customization with various hardware options. You can choose from various materials and colors, including metal or wood. They provide an elegant and timeless look that is perfect for traditional-style kitchens. Pair them with sleek countertops and hardware if you prefer a more modern look.

When considering custom kitchen cabinets, there are many design options. Each of the four designs mentioned provides unique benefits and aesthetics that can help make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Consult a kitchen remodeling contractor to determine which design is best for you. With the right cabinets, your kitchen can become the ideal space for cooking and entertaining.

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