Thinking of Selling Your Home? Remodeling Tips That Can Increase Your Home's Value

Are you planning to remodel part of your kitchen? Learn more about why hiring a remodeling contractor would streamline the process.

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Remodeling Tips That Can Increase Your Home's Value

13 April 2023
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If you are thinking about selling your home and want to maximize your selling potential, remodeling is always a good idea. This is especially important if it has been some time since you made any home improvements. A remodeled home will draw potential buyers in and help you make the most profit.

Fresh paint

If it has been years since your interior walls have seen a fresh coat of paint, it is best to repaint them prior to putting your home on the market. It is also important to repaint if your walls are painted in bright or unusual colors. The best paint for a remodel is from a neutral palette, such as gray, beige, or off-white, which will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers.

An updated kitchen

Replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops that are outdated can boost the value of your home substantially. The kitchen is always a popular selling point in most homes. Again, sticking with neutral colors when selecting countertops is a good idea and white or light wood cabinets will make a kitchen look airy and bright.

It is a good idea to update your kitchen lighting with track lighting, which will provide plenty of light for performing kitchen tasks. Smart lighting is another good option to make a home more marketable. Motion sensors for lighting and faucets are also popular in modern kitchens and will be appealing to potential buyers.

Replace a bathtub with an open shower

If you want to dress up a dingy bathroom, replace an old bathtub with an open shower with a shower bench built in. Gaining in popularity in recent years, open showers can make a small bathroom look spacious and less cluttered. Rain shower heads are also popular and can help to create a spa-like experience when combined with an open shower.

Maximize curb appeal

First impressions are powerful. Replacing a front door or painting an existing one that is in good condition will get your home noticed. Replace the old windows and give the exterior a fresh coat of paint to attract buyers. If your roof has some age, it may be a good idea to have it replaced to up the value of your home.

Remodeling a home to sell is a little different than remodeling your home for your own use. Think about remodeling through the eyes of a potential buyer rather than focusing on your own preferences. A great home remodel is one that will appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers and make your home competitive in the housing market.

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